Joy to the People - A National Day of action



This Saturday is a national day of action: Joy to the People, organized by Election Defenders, a project of the Movement for Black Lives' Frontline organization.  We're offering a number of safe ways to get your joy on, either by attending or by just listening in to the radio. 

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Saturday Dec. 12


Start at parking lot E-14, southwest corner of 1st and Kirby (across from state farm center) 

Listen to WRFU 104.5

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As States certify the election results, we celebrate, but also recognize the many vile attempts to disqualify Black votes in MI, PA, and GA. Please decorate your car in advance, or come early to use our supplies. We invite you to use slogans such as:
"end white silence"
"voters decide"
"respect Black votes"
"racial justice 2021"
"choose democracy"

Then, from 1-2, tune into 104.5 WRFU for some inspirational music and poetry!

Our route will wind through town and end at Lincoln Square Mall parking lot in Urbana for a mini rally and dance party using our cars as stereos. (Please wear masks and maintain a large (10-20ft) distance between people!

The Joy To The People Day of Action will bring attention to two critical milestones on Monday, Dec. 14th. On that date, each state’s electors must vote to confirm the presidential election results, AND early voting begins in Georgia’s two Senate runoff races. While the whole world is watching, we’ll be in the streets and in our communities to ensure the will of the voters prevails.

Join us on Dec. 12th to showcase what a real people-powered democracy looks like by hosting a creative, COVID-safe, action. Together, we will take the spotlight away from anti-democracy protests, defuse tensions with radical joy, reinforce the people’s voice in the Nov. 3 election, and shine a spotlight of solidarity on Georgia, all while building community and forward momentum toward the People’s Inauguration on Jan. 20th.

All are welcome, but we recognize the unique responsibility of white folks to engage in the struggle against racism and white supremacy. We ask that all white folks make a commitment to take a specific action to end white supremacy.

Date & Time

December 12, 2020 at 12:45pm
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Google Map of 1st and Kirby Champaign IL

Southwest Corner of Parking Lot E-14
1st and Kirby
Champaign, IL 61820
United States