Diane's letter to Rodney Davis

During a visit to Rodney Davis’s office on Dec.20 to demand the removal of Stephen Miller from the White House, Chair of Bend the Arc:CU, Diane Ore, expressed regret that Rep. Davis was recently threatened by an Illinois resident by reading a letter that she had written to him. She drew parallels between Rep. Davis’s feelings of being threatened and the feelings that minority groups experience on a daily basis.

Below is the letter that Diane wrote to Rep. Davis.

"Dear Representative Davis,

I was dismayed to learn that a disgruntled war veteran in Illinois threatened your life over your claims of Ukranian interference in to our 2016 elections. One human being should never have his/her life threatened by another. I am happy that you had the resources to find the man who threatened you and have him arrested on charges of “threatening to kill a Republican member of Congress after becoming incensed at a political ad.” I wish the word Republican had not been in the charges, but, in any case, it’s a relief to know that he hasn’t gone unpunished.

I know how seriously you take being threatened. You carry a gun because of it. As a Jewish American I feel threatened, as you were threatened, every day. I am threatened by hate speech. I am threatened by white supremacy groups. I am threatened by white nationalists. I am threatened by right-wing radio and tv stations who spew dog whistles and conspiracy theories. And I especially feel threatened by Stephen Miller in the White House. But I have no recourse. I can’t have people arrested when they threaten my life.

I am not trying to diminish the seriousness of the threat leveled against you. That was a horrible thing to happen. I am trying to let you know that minority groups deal with feelings like yours every minute of every day. We are never safe. We feel forgotten and afraid.


Diane, Chair

Bend the Arc:CU"