Champaign County Arrest, Jail, and Bail Processes



Champaign County Arrest, Jail, and Bail Processes

Guest Speaker: Tony Allegretti, Staff Attorney with Student Legal Services

Guest Organization: Champaign County Bail Out Coalition: 


About Tony: 

Tony Allegretti is a practicing attorney in Champaign County, Illinois.  He attended Chicago-Kent College of Law and attended DePaul University in Chicago for his undergraduate degree.  Tony is currently a Staff Attorney with Student Legal Services at the University of Illinois.  Previously he was an Assistant Public Defender with the Champaign County Public Defender's Office and prior to that with the Vermilion County Public Defender's Office.  Before attending law school and after completing his undergraduate degree, Tony served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Kenya.

About the Event:

According to the FBI one in every three adults has a criminal record, meaning that at some point 70 million American’s have been arrested on a felony charge even if the arrest did not lead to conviction. If you have not been personally arrested there is a high likelihood you know someone who has.. Regardless of why an arrest has happened, you may be in the position one day to need help, or be helped. Understanding the basics of the arrest process and some basics about the legal system may help you navigate this process.*

6 basic topics will be discussed:  

1)   What happens after someone has been taken into custody by police?

2)   What rights does someone have once they have been arrested?

3)   How does someone “outside” find out information about the arrest or how to find someone in the jail system?

4)   What is a bond hearing? 

5)   How does an arrested person post bond on behalf of themselves, or have a friend/family member post bond for them?  Where do you go to do this? Are there liabilities    involved?

6)   What is an arraignment hearing? 


*The presentation is informational only. General questions about legal processes will be answered. No specific cases will be discussed.  If you, or someone you know is caught up in the legal system, this presentation must not be viewed in lieu of seeking advice from a professional attorney. 

Date & Time

August 06, 2020 at 7pm
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