We are outraged at declaration of state of national emergency


Jewish Action 



February 15, 2019







Bend the Arc:CU is outraged at today's declaration of a state of national emergency. This country is facing an emergency, but it is not a border emergency. It is a moral emergency prompted by state-sponsored cruelty of unimaginable proportions. 

This administration has orchestrated the separation of thousands of infants and children from their parents and now claims it's too difficult to try to reunite them. That's a true humanitarian emergency of epic proportions. This administration claims that immigrants seeking asylum, which is legal under US and international law, are really terrorists and drug dealers, but statistics from the Department of Homeland Security show this to be a lie. 

It is not asylum-seekers who are terrorizing this country. It is the white nationalists who have become emboldened by this administration to attack anyone who is non-Caucasian or non-Christian. It is the president's failure to denounce white nationalism, not the asylum-seekers trying to save their families, that has led to the deaths of our friends and neighbors, and continues to endanger us. We demand an end to this madness.


The arc of the moral universe is long,  but it bends toward justice.

M.L.King, Jr., inspired by Theodore Parker