Arrest, Jail and Bail Processes in Champaign County

Bend the Arc:CU hosted an informational event about Arrest, Jail and Bail Processes in Champaign County on the evening of August 6. Illinois attorney Tony Allegretti provided an in depth overview of stops and basis for an arrest; arrest with and without warrants; post arrest processes; the rights of a person who has been arrested; bond and bail hearings; and how to be bailed out of jail. We also learned about the Champaign County Bailout Coalition from Nick Hopkins. The CCBC is a non-profit and volunteer-run organization committed to the ending money bail as the criterion for determining pretrial release in Champaign County.  More information about the organization can be found here:  Event invites were widely shared on social media, and the on-line zoom event was attended by more than 20 people.