5 CU Faith Communities Visit Rep. Davis's Office

Bend the Arc:CU and two local immigration groups, CU Immigration Forum and CU FAIR,  joined together in early February in a last-minute attempt to convince Republican Congressman Rodney Davis to back a clean Dream Act and not use “dreamers” as pawns in a political struggle.

From February 1 to February 8, contingents from at least five faith communities in Champaign-Urbana personally delivered message to Davis's Champaign office that they consider the current DACA debate akin to holding “dreamers” hostage for political gain.

To further put pressure on Davis, Bend the Arc: CU held a protest march on Saturday, February 3, to demand a clean Dream Act and to protest against what the group considers the unjust and inhumane efforts to deport young immigrants who were brought here as infants and children.

“There's still time for Rodney Davis to do the right thing and help Republicans act in a just and humane way,” said Bend the Arc:CU's chair, Diane. “He seems to think dreamers are a way to bargain for a wall and increased border security, but they're not. We've tried before to reason with him. Now we're appealing to his faith and his moral center.”